What makes an FAQ page Shine?

Nearly every complete webpage on the internet has an FAQ page; a page in which viewers and/or customers can visit in order to find answers to all kinds of troubles they may have ran into.

In an article in Spyre Studios, Jake Rocheleau – an internet entrepreneur and self-proclaimed social media enthusiast – displays what he believes to be the top 30 FAQ Webpage Layouts with Effective User Experience.

Jake R. says that,

Support pages are a commonly accepted trait amongst webmasters. Once your website grows to support a large enough userbase you simply have to offer some type of knowledgebase.

There’s no question that everyone runs into problems here and then while surfing a webpage.  Having the ability to check out an FAQ page for help comes in handy, especially when it is set up intuitively and actually succeeds in offering the user help and solving an issue.  I’ve picked out my favorite 3 FAQ layouts from AppleVimeo &Youtube.

So go ahead and get at it.  Check out these 30 FAQ webpage layouts.  If nothing else, you’re sure to learn something new.


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