China, Russia, & USA

M K Bhadrakumar, a journalist for the Asia Times, wrote an article on the relations between China, Russia and the United States recently. 

He stated of China that, “China remains cautiously optimistic that friction in the relations with the US is manageable and need not necessarily degenerate into confrontations.”  In speaking of Russia, Bhadrakumar explained that, “Russia seeks parity (“equality”) in terms of shouldering the heavy burden of the global strategic balance, which it sees as lying at the core of the post-cold war world order, and is unhappy that Washington no more thinks on these lines since the collapse of the former Soviet Union.”

In this sense, the author believes that both Russia and China dynamics are still in a state of flux following the re-election of President Obama.  While there is certainty and a familiarity that will follow over for the next four years, a second term president has a tremendously greater amount of freedom to act, and with that freedom comes more intense agendas.


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