Presidential Candidates Conspiring Together?!

A Leaked Presidential Debate Agreement exposes attempts made between both presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to limit any substantial debate in the upcoming Presidential debates.  Both candidates, along with the moderator, are to be limited and restrained in what they are allowed to say and question.  There are set guidelines established by the Commission on Presidential Debates, the nonprofit responsible for putting on Presidential debates, that eliminate debate on anything controversial and potentially damaging.

Too crazy to believe?

Each Presidential election, Americans must search within themselves and decide what direction they wants to see their country go in and each must decide their preference for their Commander in Chief.  In American politics, the voters are presented with only two mainstream options. While American’s have the right to vote, being presented with only two choices for President provides little choice of diversity.

However, the limited choice isn’t the only problem.  Worse even, these two sides tend not to be too different and they have even gone so far as to conspire behind closed doors with one another.  Reports have surfaced that the two establishment candidates have mutually agreed upon limiting the debates to their liking and delineating the questions they may be asked.

“But this makes debates smoother and gives the people a chance to hear the stances!” some say, and there is some truth to this.  However, voters may hear nothing more than prescreened and tested rhetoric while the truly important policies affecting everyday Americans may never see the light of day.

Yet there is hope that this may not be the case.  CNN host and moderator Candy Crowley has vowed to defy the rules of the Commission on Presidential Debates.  This would be a win for the American people and a loss for the political establishment.

Without moderators like Candy Crowley, these two already indistinguishable candidates may merely appeal to the most moderate of Americans and approach nothing of substance.  In return, Americans may find themselves wasting their time with a watered down, inconsequential debate.


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