Blame Ron Paul?!

Blame Ron Paul if Mitt Romney loses the election?!

Andreatta Geerdes, writting in the Washington Times, believe that regardless of what Ron Paul supporters decide to do — Vote for Romney or not — they will be blamed for Romney losing if he so does.

“No matter what they do, Ron Paul and his supporters will be used as scapegoats  if Mitt Romney — the man who has spent millions running for president for the  last six years — manages to lose the election to a wholly incompetent  incumbent.”

She goes on to make a good point regarding Romney’s ability to get the independent vote:

“If Romney is the ideal moderate candidate who can attract hordes of independents  to the GOP, why does he need the fringe Paulian/libertarian vote in order to win  the presidency?”

I remember a time when the Romney campaign abused and expelled the Ron Paul faction from the Republican Party and now that they need them, their pleading for them to “get in line.”

Sadly, if Romney loses in November, it is true: The blame will be placed upon the Ron Paul supporters and they will be demonized.


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