iPhone 5 Updates

Whether you are an avid Apple fan or an on-the-fence customer looking to upgrade, this excellent and thorough review of the new iPhone 5 is sure to help you make up your mind one and for all.

So tell me, why do YOU buy Apple?  Is it because it makes you feel cool?  Tech Savvy?  Ahead of the curve?  Some people don’t just buy an Apple product.  They pimp it out.  Have you ever wanted a 24k Gold iPhone 5?  Well, you can have it for just a few million!

Though I am a die hard Apple fan, there was one little thing about the new iPhone 5 that made me unhappy enough to have them bring a couple for me to choose from.  A lot of the black iPhone 5’s have their aluminum scratched.  But don’t worry, Apple says this is normal with aluminum products.

Make sure to hurry up and get an iPhone while supplies last.  The touch screens have been causing delays as the technology is proving difficult to produce.


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