The iPhone 5, After the Announcement

This is a pretty incredible prediction.  Selling 1 billion iDevices would be an incredible feat

1 Billion iDevices by 2015?

It is amazing that this company can continue to grow.  As soon as it seems that it cannot get any bigger or more popular, it does.

Apple at $700/share

An important update with big ramifications in the new iOS 6 update is the break-up with Google’s Maps app.  Apple is heralding in it’s own maps app that may prove to be Google Maps’ undoing.

Hello Apple Maps!  Goodbye Google!

Rumor of an iPad Mini has been rampant all over the web for a few months now.  It seems that the rumors are beginning to become fact.

iPad Mini

Uh oh.  It appears not that Apple’s system isn’t quite invincible.  Sometimes technology just fails to do as its supposed to.

Apple iMessage down


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