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This is what I’m doing with my iPhone 4.  Ebay will give me $200 dollars for my 16GB Black AT&T iPhone 4.  I’m hoping this all pans out. If so, I could get my iPhone 5 for free! 🙂

iPhone Buy Back

After being sued by Apple for over 1 Billion dollars, Samsung is back for revenge.  While Apple displays the new 4G LTE technology in their new iPhone 5, Samsung believes Apple is in violation of their patents.  We’ll see how this one pans out.

Samsung Suing Apple

This is unfortunate.  It saddens me that the wealthiest company on Earth happens to be so because it does not share distribute its earnings fairly with those who create their products.  You’d think they could divvy up at least 1 billion between their 1.2 million workers..

Slave Labor

I remember how astonishing the iPhone 4 release was.  No one knew what to expect.  The secrecy was extraordinary.  Now, everyone leaks everything.  It kinda ruins the fun for everyone.  I don’t understand why we don’t have enough patients to wait until Apple can present us with something revolutionary rather than having to get that instant gratification.

Leaking Information

While I understand what this journalist is saying, that Apple controls their products so closely that they may lose out on the innovation that other more open companies are, I have to disagree a bit.  If something is excellent, tweak it, don’t change it!  Apple’s OSX and iOS interfaces are extraordinary and intuitive.  The reason change is less noticeable in Apple products is because they don’t need to reinvent their product; they merely need to fine tune and perfect an already top notch interface.  These products are already so phenomenal that I can’t really see the next step in their innovation until the actual hardware can take the next step and go hologram or something.  Until that day when technology leaves the flat screen, I believe Apple’s interface has near reached its potential.

Apple iOS


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